Devotion for Sunday, April 1

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2012

Palm Sunday, April 1

John 12:12-19

While searching around the internet to research others’ opinions on John 12 verse 12-19, I came across an interesting article written by Matt Dabbs who is a minster in Florida.  In his article he asks his readers “What would cause you to join a crowd?  What would motivate you to get out of bed and join a particular cause?”  These questions really struck a chord with me for a few reasons.  First, I am currently taking a class in social psychology which asks a lot of these similar questions of people in general.  Naturally, I related the questions from my social psychology class back to the scripture and it got me to wonder: “Why DID these people join in a crowd and praise Jesus with shouts of ‘hosanna’?”

While pondering this, a memory from my military deployment to Qatar flashed through me.

I was traveling back home from Qatar for my R&R (a two week vacation you receive in the midst of a year long deployment) and had touched down in Dallas to catch my connection flight to San Francisco.  I was with many other soldiers, marines, and other service members since the flight had originally taken off from Kuwait (which is the hub of the middle east for all service members).  When walking into the domestic terminal, there was a huge crowd of people waving little flags and decked out in patriotic gear, cheering for all of us service members returning from Kuwait.  We were giving high-fives and a child asked me for my unit patch which I gladly obliged.  I felt so appreciated and proud.  I had never really felt that way about my service before.  Even then, I pondered the question of motivation for those people that went out to that airport everyday to cheer on all the service members returning from deployments.  I wish I could have told them, at least one of them, how much it meant to me to feel remembered.

So tell me, What motivates you?

-Submitted by Jeanette Cleveland

GPS Questions:

From today’s reading, it is apparent that the reason Jesus attracted a crowd was not the same reason his disciples would follow him. For what reason were you originally attracted to the church? For what reason did you decide to follow Jesus?

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