Devotion for Saturday, April 7

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2012

Saturday, April 7

Exodus 14:10-31

We all experience at some point in our lives an insurmountable obstacle that stops us in our tracks.  We begin to question our strength and ability to persevere through these difficult times.  Exodus 10:13 says, “Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.”  Although we are not literally waiting for the parting of the Red Sea, it can feel like it when we are struggling with faith in our lives.  Taken literally, we should “wait” for deliverance, standing still until God miraculously acts on our behalf and therefore strengthening our faith.  But taken metaphorically, we should stand still and let our mind be at peace so that we may determine appropriate solutions to our problems.  These solutions may not be the “easy way out” or a direction we would prefer to go, but allowing us to clear our minds will allow us to make rational decisions for the path of our lives.

Take time today and every day to “stand still” and clear your mind of stress and distraction.  Find a happy thought to put you at ease.  Have faith that the way will be made clear.  Peace be with you!

-Submitted by Dana Zaccone

GPS Questions:

Jewish Midrash suggests that it is not until the first Israelite steps into the water that God parts the Red Sea for Israel to cross on dry ground. This rendition describes a God of collaboration partnering with humanity’s desperate faith more than an interventionist God. Which version is the more persuasive to you and why?

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