Boy Scouts Troop 2

The Scout Law says that a “Scout is Reverent” and the Scouts of all ages promise to do their “Duty to God” during their weekly pledge. These values strengthen youth character in their family, community and faith.

Since 1912, Boy Scouts Troop 2 has given back to the community through service projects. Napa Methodist Church is the founding charter organization for Troop 2 providing meeting facilities and a troop liaison who helps coordinate troop operations at the church and leadership guidance.

We celebrate Scout Sunday every year to honor the Boy Scouts founding (February 8, 1910) and recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting. Scout Sunday is always the Sunday preceding February 8th, unless the 8th is a Sunday, in which case the 8th would be Scout Sunday.

Scout Master Don McCall

Liaison: Dana Zaccone