The CampaignHonoring our Past…Securing our Future

Our Story


In the fall of 2012 we engaged in a series of messages entitled Come Dream with Us. Over the course of four Sundays, we invited the congregation to write what they believed God’s preferred vision was for our church. Dreams filled our fellowship hall such as “a growing, vibrant, active Sunday school with so many kids we use all of our rooms every Sunday,” and “more youth, young adults and young families”.

Less than two years following the publication of these dreams, we realized a new worship service oriented to younger adults and families, a second hour of GRAPE Express children’s ministry, a successfully revamped Vacation Bible School, and a new Director of Youth and Family Ministries. We also experienced the worst earthquake in Napa’s history rendering our 1916 historic sanctuary unusable.

Our California-Nevada Conference and others came to our rescue with generous grants which allowed completion of repairs, retrofit, and upgrades to our historic building within fifteen months of the 2014 earthquake. And, for their one and a half million dollar investment, our Conference asked us, “What will you do to expand and extend your mission and ministry across Napa and beyond?”

Our Vision

Emboldened by those original dreams and encouraged by support from our Conference, we returned to imagining the kind of campus that would attract the next generations across Napa. A renovated east-west welcoming corridor with clear entrances was envisioned adjacent to our church offices and our Infant Childcare Room. Renovated children’s and youth rooms and updated bathrooms and corridors were planned. Completion of the Asbury Room into a second worship and multiuse space was designed. And upgrades were envisioned such as an augmented electrical system, installation of new external and interior lighting, heating and air conditioning, and reroofing Bonner and Adams Hall, all of which would satisfy much of the delayed maintenance across our campus.


As we prepare to occupy these renovated facilities, it is important to look past the buildings and see the spiritual fruit. These projects will allow us to do ministry like never before. Imagine a new welcome area adjacent to childcare and children’s areas with directional signage allowing visitors easy access to both traditional and contemporary worship so the entire family can encounter the Living God – a campus specifically accessible in the way younger generations will find both attractive and spiritually inspiring, much in the same way we find our historic sanctuary to be spiritually inspiring!

Our Challenge


In order for Napa Methodist Church to continue to grow, we must allow room for growth across our existing campus to make room for new growth as God expands our outreach to all ages right here in our own community. We must be faithful to use God’s resources to do whatever is necessary to honor the dedication and sacrifice of previous generations as well as securing a future for coming generations.

Our church has launched a Capital Stewardship Campaign entitled: The Campaign: Honoring our Past … Securing our Future, to aid us in preparing to do what only God can do. With the repair and renovation of the remainder of our campus, we will have the space to move forward, impacting our community so that they might hear a Wesleyan message of grace and live that grace in the world. These exciting days we’re experiencing bring us to a new challenge. The total cost of these repairs and this renovation is projected to be $800,000.

How can you be part of such a phenomenal undertaking?

  • Thank God for God’s providence.
  • Ask God how much God would have you give.
  • Honor the sacrifices of previous generations, secure future generations, and give as God leads.