The Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

Q and A: Financing the Campaign

  • Why do we need a professional to help us fund raise? How was he selected? How much is he paid?

    It is both a common and prudent practice (and required by our annual conference through the Bridges District Committee on Church Location and Building) to secure professional consultation in raising an amount that far exceeds a church’s annual budget for building repair and renovation. The Board of Trustees, under advisement of the Bridges District Committee, selected RSI consultant Rob Hopper following a search process which included five Requests For Proposals resulting in two interviews last spring. It is considered unethical across the church fundraising industry to charge a fee as a percentage of monies raised. Therefore, a flat fee is charged by RSI of $29,000 inclusive of most costs incurred in travel, lodging and meals, printing and shipping of materials.

  • Will the proceeds from the campaign pay off the debt incurred with our Bank of Napa loan which covered costs of renovations accomplished as part of the earthquake repair?

    With the generosity of Gasser Foundation grants, only $325,000 will remain outstanding by July, 2017. Capital campaign money raised in excess of $800,000 will be used for immediate reduction in the loan principle. Otherwise, funds will be set aside from the campaign to continue servicing and paying down the loan principle over time at the annual rate of 4%.

  • Why haven’t we used a “Home Owners Association” approach in funding building improvements such as setting aside reserve funds over time to accomplish the projects?

    While seldom practiced by churches due to the changing demands of mission and ministry facilities, such a fund could be established in the future for such purposes as replacing interior carpet and exterior roofing.

  • What is the cost of the renovations being considered and what is their priority for accomplishment?

    Costs of specific renovations are being calculated now and will be announced during the progress of the campaign. Due to the rapidly changing conditions in the construction industry, bids for these projects would be rendered meaningless if completed more than six months prior to the issuance of contracts. The priorities for completion of proposed projects are:

    • Renovations for children and youth ministry rooms
    • Renovation of all interior hallways and bathrooms, including the Asbury room in the Bonner Building
    • New entryways to the campus
    • Re-roofing the remainder of the campus
  • Isn’t it enough to preach a relevant message to grow the church?

    Preaching relevant messages is a great help to Church growth, but it requires more than preaching. In order to grow the church and develop and grow the membership, service beyond Sunday worship is required. Service connects the Church with the community and world and presents a public face for the Church. In addition, even within the Sunday worship, alternative ministries often play a role in the effectiveness the worship has. People require more than preaching to connect with the Church and with God.

  • How is a Capital Fund campaign different from regular stewardship?

    Our regular stewardship offerings fund Napa Methodist’s annual operating budget. This Capital campaign is for the specific purpose of renovating the remainder of the campus not addressed in the more recent earthquake repairs and retrofit accomplished from monies granted by the California Nevada Conference, The Gasser Foundation, and other sources. It is expected that contributions to the Capital Fund campaign will be “over and above” what we already give as our regular offerings.

  • What is the goal of The Campaign: Honoring our Past … Securing our Future?

    The goal of this capital campaign is to accomplish renovations across the remainder of our campus to bring it up to standards achieved in renovations made on our historic building following the 2014 earthquake. How do I determine what I give?

  • How do I determine what I give?

    There is no formula for a capital pledge. As our church members have varied financial abilities, each pledge decision and giving plan will be unique and significant toward Napa Methodist’s campus renovation. Please prayerfully consider how you can meaningfully invest yourself in the future of our church to the best of your ability.

  • How long will my commitment be?

    You are asked to make a three-year commitment.

  • When are we expected to give the amount pledged?

    Commitment cards will be turned in on Commitment Sunday, November 6. Gifts to the Honoring our Past … Securing our Future campaign will begin to be received shortly thereafter and continue for the three-year period.

  • Must my payment be spread out over three years?

    No. While you may take the entire three years to pay your commitment, you may also give over a shorter period of time or up front in one lump sum if desired.

  • What if my circumstances change after I have made a pledge?

    If your financial circumstances change significantly, contact the church to adjust your commitment (increase, decrease, or timing).

  • Are there other giving options?

    Yes. Cash gifts, automatic deductions, stocks, mutual funds, life insurance, retirement assets, and other non-cash donations may be made.