Come Journey with Us

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2014

Come journey with us as we retrace the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. You’ll stand on the shore of the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized and venture into the wilderness where he was tempted. You’ll visit Capernaum where Jesus healed the sick. You’ll ascend the mountain where he gave his most famous sermon. You’ll travel across the Sea of Galilee where he calmed the wind and the waves. You’ll visit the last remaining community of Samaritans in the world. And, you’ll enter Jerusalem where Jesus spent his final days. If you’ve ever wanted to know more abut Jesus Christ, we invite you to join us as we walk

In the Footsteps of Jesus

And as we endeavor to follow in the footsteps of Jesus throughout this season of Lent, one of the first things we discover is that Jesus’ followers never traveled alone. Early in his ministry, Jesus recruited the twelve disciples to travel with him to learn of the in-breaking reign of God and to be initiated into that reign. He recruited a wider group of followers, either seventy or seventy-two, and sent them out two by two to visit all those places he had planned to go himself to announce the arrival of the reign of God.

Therefore, group leaders are both recruiting and accepting registrations for participants in small groups which will form the week of March 9th (the first Sunday of Lent) for the purpose of discussing the readings and reflection questions included as part of this Lenten Devotional. You may sign up for a small group on Sundays, March 2nd or 9th, following the Ash Wednesday Worship Service on March 5th, or by calling the church office. You’ll discover the reflection questions covering the scripture and topics for each weeks entries on the Grow-Pray-Study Small Group pages which precedes each week’s group of reflections. Your willingness to engage in these conversations will not only bring you to a deeper appreciation of how you may follow more closely in Jesus’ footsteps, you’re participation will also be a blessing to others who are hoping to engage in a deeper way of growing spiritually throughout this blessed season.

Finally, we have all been blessed over the years by the leadership

Kip Edenborough

Kip Edenborough

provided by both Kip and Susan Edenborough in the organization and production of the annual Lenten Devotional by and for the people of Napa First United Methodist Church. We were all saddened and have mourned along with Susan the untimely death of Kip this past December 7th. Therefore, it was the decision of the editorial board of the 2014 Lenten Devotional (Lee Neish and Holly Zaccone), that this year’s Devotional be presented to the congregation in memory of Kip Edenborough and in honor of Susan Edenborough.

On behalf of Susan, Holly, and all those, past and present, whose contributions have made this annual expression of spiritual growth such a valuable experience in the discipleship path for our congregation, we are blessed to present this newest edition to you for your study, reflection, and sharing during the coming months.

Pastor Lee Neish Editor Holly Zaccone

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