Devotion for Thursday, March 6th

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2014

John Wesley on the Means of Grace (spiritual practices)    Matthew 6:16-18

Fasting & Worship

John Wesley knew that fasting times varied in scripture, all the way up to forty days and nights. He most commonly practiced fasting from morning until evening, often Wednesday or Friday.

Self-denial is a significant act in the pursuit of holiness. It is an act which glorifies God by providing additional time for prayer. It shows the priority of spirit over flesh.

Wesley formed societies of believers, characterized by a discipline of daily devotion in order that persons might grow in grace and attain holiness. Those societies came to be referred to as Holy Clubs and Bible Moths. Their devotional life was characterized by realism, discipline and breadth. And, it was always communal and connected to the church for worship and the sacraments. He understood the essence of life to be spiritual, achievable through the means of grace. The instituted means of grace were those evidenced in the life and teaching of Jesus. The prudential means of grace were those developed by the Church to give further order and expression to Christian living.

Instituted means of grace + Prudential means of grace = The way to live a life characterized by spiritual devotion.

Does corporate fasting have a place in the body of Christ today?

Would you say your devotional life has been on the edges of your life or

in the midst of it?


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