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Event Promotion at Napa Methodist Church

Sally Archambault Community Corner

Did you know Napa Methodist Church has a procedure for Church Event Promotion and an online Promotions Request Form?

These simple procedures and form were created in August 2016 after months of consulting with other church communications staff across the country and researching best practices. After extensive research, they were tweaked to fit the needs of our specific Napa Methodist Church community. Following this easy 3-step procedure ensures that Napa Methodist Church staff have the necessary information and lead time to effectively promote your events. This is especially important now that staff hours have been reduced by 25% through June 2018.

The full Event Scheduling and Promotion Guidebook can always be found on the Napa Methodist Church website under the Events tab, or by clicking HERE. Printed copies are also available upon request in the church office.

Here are the three steps:

    1. Schedule your event and reserve a room: call Dianne Mahler at the church office: 707-253-1411 OR use the online Event Reservation Request HERE (found under the Events tab on the Napa Methodist Church website) to reserve a room and have it listed on the church calendar.
    2. Promotions Request Form: Once your event is scheduled and a room has been reserved, fill out the online Promotions Request Form HERE (found under the Events tab on the Napa Methodist Church website) at least 30 days before your event. Once this form is received, we will take care of the rest (with the exception of Grapevine articles-see #3)! This includes: inclusion in the rolling slides, inclusion in the weekly Pastor’s e-note, and social media promotion. For certain events, promotion may also include Event Brite advertisement, Napa Register Calendar submissions (the Register has specific rules as to what types of events will be accepted, which limits which events we can promote through this method), and more.
    3. Grapevine Submissions: Because Grapevine Submissions also require a print-ready article, this is a separate submission process. Articles for the Grapevine should be emailed to Dianne Mahler at:

And that’s it! We look forward to helping you make your event a success!

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