Creating the Covenant

Sally Archambault

Part of the Bible Tuesday Classes.

The first eight-week series explores how a biblical covenant is created and established. It covers the stories about our origins in Genesis, the critical Exodus narrative about the freedom of God’s people, the stories of a new teacher in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, and other biblical books that highlight foundational aspects of Christian belief and practice.

Pastor Lee Neish will be leading the classes assisted by Lay Speaker Michael Herzog. Please
indicate your interest to explore participating in this first class by registering with the church office at 707-253-1411 or

This Covenant Bible Study experience will guide you in a comprehensive, in-depth study of the Bible over several months. Unlike the learning you may have experienced in other groups, this in-depth study of the whole bible emphasizes the biblical concept of covenant as a unifying pattern through all the books of the Old and New Testaments. It underscores the unique relationship that God chooses to have with us as God’s people.

This relationship is grounded in the faithfulness of God’s love and in our ongoing commitment to stay in love with God while we share signs of that love with others.

Each episode connects to an aspect of this covenant relationship, which is summarized in each of the eight week series of sessions.

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