SSP Meeting/Youth Group Ice Skating

Sally Archambault

You are invited for dinner and a meeting about Sierra Service Project on December 13, 2015 at 5:30pm in the Fellowship Hall of the First United Methodist Church at 625 Randolph St. Napa.

Last year, eight awesome youth and three adults attended the Sierra Service Project at the Smith River in California. We hope others will join us in 2016. If you are interested in your child participating in this wonderful one week program, please come with your son/daughter. Also, invite friends who maybe interested.

We will use this meeting to plan locations and dates for 2016, so your input is critical.
You do not need to be connected with the First United Methodist Church, or for that matter any church, to attend this program. We are open to all.

After our dinner and meeting, the youth and youth leaders will go ice skating from 7pm to 9 pm at the ICE Rink at the Napa Expo. Parents are invited to come along.

This evening is also a re-emergence of our Youth Group. Whether planning to attend SSP or not, your son/daughter and friends are invited to have fun, eat pizza, and ice skate.

The agenda for the parent(s) Sierra Service Project meeting will be:
1. Input on SSP sites for 2016
2. Input on dates for 2016 SSP
3. Fundraising for 2016 SSP

You can learn more about the Sierra Service Project by going to their web
site at If you have any questions, please call me
at 707-257-7134 or email me at

Please RSVP me at the above phone or email address, so we can plan the pizza, salad, and drinks accordingly. As part of the RSVP let us know if your son/daughter will be going ICE Skating with us. Looking forward to seeing you on December 13, 2015.

Mike Robak

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