FAQ: What is a small group and why should I care?

Brooke Eikenberry Community Corner

FAQ—A Frequently Asked Question—What is a small group and why should I care? Well, small groups come in various flavors. There are what we might call affinity groups—groups built around a continuing common interest such as bicycle riding, knitting, or water color painting. There are groups that tackle a single topic, a particular book, for a fixed time—and then move on. There are the supper club groups that meet just to be together and share a meal.  And there are what we might call discussion or conversation groups that meet on a regular basis and chart their own course on style and content. I can speak best on that type of group since Pat Hitchcock and I decided to co-lead a small group at 8:30 AM on Wednesdays.

The group formed on Ash Wednesday in 2014 and initially used the Lenten Devotion Guide as our focus. We have met pretty much continuously for 18 months now. For a while we were just three early-risers. Then five. We peaked with nine or ten persons and currently have stabilized at seven. We met at first at the church until an earthquake changed a lot of plans. Now we meet at home—mostly at mine because it is central to several of the group members.

We have discussed the Speaking of God material, dipped into the Gospel of Matthew and are about to start a guide to the Psalms. Not often, but we have now and then forgotten all about the formal material we are discussing—but we never forget about each other.  We talk and share and care and pray about each other. We are the church—in miniature.

There is a small groups co-ordinator who can help with connecting you to where you might be most comfortable: Barbara Barrett <dancer7579@att.net> or 255-8167. And I have another suggestion. If you are a member of a group now—invite someone to join you. If you have a specific interest or desire to gather a group at a particular time or place, start a group of your own. It’s not hard.  And given our new logo tag line: Invite — Grow — Serve, a small group fills the bill. All of it. INVITE — GROW — SERVE.

– Submitted by Michael Herzog
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