Devotion for Friday, February 24

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2012

Friday, February 24

1 Peter 3:18-22

These verses explain the heart of Christianity through Christ’s very personal and dramatic sacrifice of Himself.  Many pagan religions at that time were bases on the return of a god or goddess every year and animal sacrifices.  They must have had some virtue to help people originally but it was obviously gone by Jesus’s time on earth.

In these verses we confirm that God stepped into the picture–one action for forgiveness of sins and one Christ whether in body or in spirit.   Jesus was the perfect sacrifice, putting an end to hecatombs of animals slain that were demanded in that cacophony of religions.

Jesus Christ settled it all but demanded better behavior–a good conscience between God and the individual.  This is confirmed in baptism and the passage reviews the sacredness of water that many might be saved.  This makes a way for purity of soul to replace random lusts–a start for leading a clean life.

At the last we see Jesus rise into the Heavenly court and at the first we are told He is alive in spirit.  He and early Christians labored mightily to bring a new concept of cooperation with God and turning away from the worst of human nature.  This passage gives hope and inspires us in the knowledge of the truly Errand Consciousness–changing thing Jesus/God did for humanity.

–Submitted by Jennifer Reid

GPS Question:

Jesus’ lifestyle was conformed to a laser focus of bringing you to God. To believe in Jesus is to conform to God’s will and reign. How have you brought another to God?

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