Devotion for Saturday, February 25

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2012

Saturday, February 25

Mark 1:9-12

In this passage, Jesus is clearly called by God.  The call seems to be seen and heard by Jesus only.  The scene presented is very dramatic, with the sky opening, the spirit descending, and the voice of God booming.  In my experience calls are much less dramatic.  When I have been called to do something, it has been more of a nagging nudge that won’t leave me alone.  Sometimes it is to go to see someone.  I finally go to find out someone I did not know was ill, is dying. I received the opportunity to comfort her and to say goodbye.  At another time I was nagged to go back to graduate school.  My life was changed forever.  I doubt that Jesus knew exactly what he would find on his journey or what the final outcome would be at the time.  When we follow we don’t know where we will end up or what we will do when we get there, either.  It may change us forever.  The important thing is not to ignore the nagging nudge or the more dramatic call, however it appears to us.

 –Submitted by Barbara Barrett

GPS Question:

Jesus’ lifestyle was inspired by his relationship to his “Abba” as he would recall the words at his baptism: “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.” How do you recall your relationship with the one who gives you all the identity you need?

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