Devotion for Monday, February 27

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2012

Monday, February 27

Genesis 17:1-7

To me, this passage shows a relationship to the generations that will follow you.  The actions of a person today will affect the descendants of that individual.  One of my standard lectures to the young people that I teach is – – –

You matter!

The things that you do matter.  If you should become a teacher, you affect eternity!  If you become a parent you do become a teacher.  As a teacher, what you teach follows you for generations.

It is important for you to value the things that you do and to teach the things that are of great value to all generations.

-Submitted by Shirley Ray

GPS Question:

Jesus understood that he was heir to the Abrahamic Covenant to “be exceedingly fruitful” and to receive God as benefit of the offspring of Abraham. Does your lifestyle reflect that fruitfulness and identity?

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