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G.R.A. P.E. Express Children’s Worship GPS (Grow. Pray. Study.) for March 11 – 17, 2018

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Bartimaeus Shouts to Jesus

from Mark 10:46 – 52

Tip: Read the story from the Bible together with your child then use the following devotional to discuss the story.


Faith is a kind of seeing. It doesn’t give us X-ray vision like a superhero might have, but it changes what we pay attention to in the world. Our faith teaches us to see other people as God’s children and to see the earth as God’s creation. Faith helps us to see how God is working in the world and to be grateful. Bartimaeus was physically blind. He couldn’t see with his eyes, but because of his faith, he could see things about Jesus that other people couldn’t. He knew that Jesus could help him, even though other people in the crowd said he was just bothering Jesus. Sometimes the way faith helps us see the world can seem crazy to people around us! If you are ever afraid to talk about something you can “see” because of your faith, remember the story of Bartimaeus.

Wonder Together:

I wonder – how did Bartimaeus feel when he was asking Jesus for help?

I wonder – what does it feel like to be blind?

I wonder – what did the people in the crowd say to Bartimaeus after he was healed?

Move Together:

Supplies: blindfold (optional)

With your child out of the room, set up a few items on the floor to act as obstacles. You will direct your child around these objects while your child’s eyes are closed. Don’t let him or her see the course before you start the game.

Say: Today we’re going to play a game where we take turns following directions with our eyes closed. The goal of the game is to learn about how to trust others when we can’t see. I set up an obstacle course for you, and I will use my voice to guide you through it safely. You have to trust me!

After the obstacle course is completed, talk about what your child felt during the game.

Ask: Was anything scary about that? Was it hard to trust me?

Say: Even when we can see, it’s important to rely on God to help us get around hard or scary times in our lives.

Pray: Dear God, thank you for people in our lives who we can trust. Help us to listen to you as you lead us around obstacles that we can’t see. Amen.

Explore Together:

Supplies: blindfold; small objects such as stuffed animals, kitchen utensils, bottles and toys; bag for each person

Each participant should collect four or five objects and hide these in her or his bag until the game is started.

Say: We learned today that faith gives us a way to see the world. There are other ways to see the world too! Today we will try to “see” the world with our hands. We will try to identify objects when we can’t see them.

  • Invite each family member participating to take a turn by closing his or her eyes and using his or her hands to identify another participant’s object by touch.
  • As you are playing the game, talk about how you can tell the items apart. What are some distinguishing features? Do you notice different things about the objects when you can’t see the shape or color?

Say: Having faith is like having another sense to use when exploring the world. Even though Bartimaeus was blind, he could still “see” how special Jesus was.

Ask: What do you “see” about Jesus that makes him special?

Pray: Dear God, help us to use our faith to see the world differently. Help us to imagine the kind of world you want for us. Amen.

See you on Sunday for our next adventure!

Deep Blue Family Take-Home Sheets 52 Weekly Devotional Activities (c) 2017 Abington Press. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Suggested resources:

  • Deep Blue Bible Storybook available from Cokesbury at This book is written for younger children and is in language 3 to 6 year olds can understand.
  • Or the CEB (common English bible) Deep Blue Kids Bible which is the bible used in our children’s worship time.
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