The Grapevine

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF NAPA (707) 253-1411 February 1, 2015

We are grateful to the Napa Community Seventh-day Adventist Church for their gracious invitation to worship in their church at the Corner of Brown and G Streets each Sunday and during the Advent Season.

Vineyard Circuit Update

Many of you will recall that Napa First UMC is one of five churches comprising the Vineyard Circuit which was established in 2008, among other circuits across our annual conference, for the purpose of furthering our California Nevada Conference mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We joined St. Helena United Methodist Church (who you’ll recall sent us a very generous contribution toward our earthquake repairs), as well as our three Vallejo churches including Fellowship, First and Wayside. And, while clergy from these five churches meet monthly to engage in visioning for our work together, we extended that work this past November 25th and 26th with District Superintendent Schuyler Rhodes in an overnight retreat by building a strategic plan for the next several years.

Beginning in the summer of 2014, Napa First UMC began assisting Vallejo First UMC with monthly pulpit supply comprised of Lay Speaker Michael Herzog, Pastor Lee Neish, and Pacific School of Religion field placement student Burke Owens. I’m delighted to share this letter with you from Carole Paterson, Administrative Council chairperson of First United Methodist Church, Vallejo, representing some first fruit of our circuit work during this past year:

On behalf of the congregation of the First United Methodist Church, Vallejo, I send my sincere thank you for all that you and members of your staff and church have been doing to help our church. We have been delighted with the regular “pulpit supply.” We find each visit and every sermon a bright spot for our rebuilding and repair—in many different ways.

As we begin 2015 we are filled with enthusiasm and hope for the good things that will be happening in our congregation as we embrace the ministry opportunities we have pledged to launch. We are also very hopeful that all the Vineyard Circuit churches … will be part of this budding ministry opportunity.

We are looking forward to a learning and study series based on the work of Adam Hamilton and confident in a successful outcome due to, once again, the tutoring, mentoring and loving support from you, your staff and members of your congregation. A timeline of this effort is being proposed for Lent. I will be in consultation with you as this project emerges.

Walk to Emmaus … for the Development of Christian Leaders


Luke relates the story of two disciples of Jesus who were going along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. As these two friends were walking together, they shared their hearts’ deepest concerns about the death of Jesus. An unknown person joined them and explained the scriptures as they walked. Toward the end of the day’s travel, they urged the stranger to eat with them. As the stranger took bread, blessed, broke, and shared it with them, their eyes were opened and they recognized the risen Christ. Then they rushed back to Jerusalem to share the good news with others. (Luke 24:13-35)


It is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as he is revealed to you through other believers. The Walk to Emmaus experience begins with prayerful discernment and an invitation from a sponsor. After one accepts this invitation, an application is completed. The Emmaus leaders prayerfully consider each applicant and in God’s time, the person is invited to attend a three-day experience of New Testament Christianity. Following the three days, participants are given an opportunity to join in small groups to support each other in their ongoing work with Christ. Through the formational process of accountable discipleship in small groups and participation in the Emmaus community, servant-leadership skills are developed for use in the local church and its mission.


The Walk to Emmaus is a 72-hour experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation. You will enjoy three busy days singing, learning, laughing, praying, worshiping, and participating in small groups. Discussions center around fifteen talks given by laity and clergy. The theme of each talk is God’s grace, how that grace comes alive in the Christian community, and how it expresses itself in the world. You’ll also discover how grace is real in your life, how you live a life of grace, and bring grace to others. You will have the opportunity to participate in the daily celebration of Holy Communion and to understand more fully the body of Christ. You will experience God’s grace through the prayers and acts of anonymous service offered by the Emmaus community. You will leave with an experience of Christian love in action that will equip you for new levels of grace-filled service and leadership.


You are invited to walk with Christ for the rest of your life. Those who attend a Walk to Emmaus are encouraged to servant-leadership and to:

To nurture this process of discipleship, the Emmaus movement offers specific opportunities. First, groups of four to six people meet weekly to reflect on their spiritual journey and encourage one another in accountable discipleship. Second, there are monthly community gatherings where Emmaus participants meet for fellowship, worship, and instruction. Third, through a newsletter, members become aware of support needs for upcoming Walks and other opportunities for servant-leadership.


The purpose of Emmaus is to develop leaders for the church. Emmaus will inspire, challenge, and equip participants for Christian action in their homes, churches, and places of work. Emmaus lifts up a way for our grace-filled lives to be lived and shared with others.


Emmaus is open to members of any Christian denomination. Emmaus is for the development of Christian leaders who:


The next set of walks will be held, for the first time, in the North Bay and are scheduled at First United Methodist Church, Vallejo! The Men’s Retreat weekend begins with dinner on Thursday, February 19th and concludes with dinner on Sunday, February 22nd. The Women’s Retreat weekend begins the following Thursday, February 26th and concludes with dinner on Sunday, March 1st.



Message Series for February / March

We will continue Wrestling with the Bible through the middle of February as we consider:

Dinosaurs on the Ark: The Bible and Science February 1st by Lee Neish celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion

The Bible and Sexuality February 8th by Lee Neish

The Reliability of the New Testament February 15th by Burke Owens Pastor Lee will be celebrating his 27th Wedding Anniversary in Los Angeles

Be sure to join us for Ash Wednesday worship on February 18th from 7:00 to 7:30 at the Community Seventh-day Adventist Church which will feature the imposition of ashes led by Michael Herzog and Pat Hitchcock.

And throughout the season of Lent, join us for a series of messages featuring Final Words from the Cross:

Father, Forgive Them” February 22nd by Michael Herzog Pastor Lee will be leading the clergy team at the Men’s Walk to Emmaus Retreat

Behold Your Son … Behold Your Mother” March 1st by Lee Neish celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion

My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?” March 8th by Lee Neish

Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise” March 15th by Burke Owens

I Thirst” March 22nd by Lee Neish

It Is Finished…Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit”

March 29th by Lee Neish celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion

Holy Week has traditionally become a time of intense, spiritual experience as we recall what has come to be known as the Tridium.

Our Easter Sunday worship will again include a Sunrise worship at Tulocay Cemetery, 9:30 am Traditional worship and 11:00 am Fusion Worship Experience, both at the Community Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Spiritual Checkup

The following thought is taken from Brother David Steindle-Rast’s book “Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer; an Approach to Life in Fullness” and is offered to you by your Congregational Care Ministry Team as a way of supplementing your physical checkup.


The fact that you are not yet dead is not sufficient proof that you are alive. It takes more than that. It takes courage—above all, the courage to face death. Only one who is alive can die. Aliveness is measured by the ability to die. One who is fully alive is fully able to die. In peak moments of aliveness we are reconciled with death. Deep down within us something tells us that we would die the moment our life reached fulfillment. It is fear of death that prevents us from coming fully alive.”

Please contact your Congregational Care Ministers for your pastoral care needs. We are Barbara Barrett, Jim Dunaway, Dianne Mahler, Pastor Lee Neish, Helen Reddick, and Kathryn Tolman and may be reached through the office (707) 253-1411 or Pastor Lee’s mobile phone (408) 655-2872.

Welcome New Members

Richard and Dorothy Brouse

1800 Atrium Parkway #243


Richard and Dorothy moved here from Orland, California. They are transferring from Orland Federated Church. Both of them are active members of the Oddfellows and the Rebekahs and had always planned on retiring at the Meadows. (The Oddfellows and Rebekahs own the Meadows). Richard formerly worked for IBM. They have four daughters, three of whom live in Northern California. They also have six grandsons, one granddaughter and ten great grandchildren. They were very active in the Orland community and are enjoying a more relaxing life style in Napa. Dick plays bridge and pinochle several times a week while Dorothy enjoys reading and playing computer games. They also attend the Oddfellow and Rebekah lodge activities.

Sylvia Shannon

1113 Dillon Drive


Sylvia has lived in Napa for over 20 years. She found our church through her friend and neighbor Evelyn Mitting van Rijn. Also, when Sylvia’s husband died, she had his services at FUMC and found the service very moving and comforting. She has two sons: Jared who is 18 years old and attends Napa Valley College and Eric who is 17 and a senior at Vintage High School. Sylvia works as a scheduler at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. She has already signed up to be a greeter at church. She is a parent volunteer with the Vintage band. She also volunteers at community events such as Bottle Rock. When not working or volunteering, she and her sons enjoy hiking and camping.


You did it! The Hope Center Christmas Party was a rousing success, due primarily to your generosity and support. Close to 100 clients sat down to a warm delicious meal provided by CANV’s culinary school and the diverse side dishes that YOU provided. At one point during the celebration, Hope clients gave you a standing ovation for your efforts. Many, personally, expressed their gratitude for the FUMC’s support, of the meal and gifts as well as the use of our facility. Leftover food, mainly cookies, was used the following day at the South Shelter. Your gift contributions were gratefully received. Ninety backpacks were distributed, stuffed with items you contributed over the past several Sundays. I want you to know how gratifying it was to witness how our Community “stepped –up” in such a short period to make this event such a success. Thank you to those of you who served and bussed tables, those who contributed delicious dishes, cookies, cakes and pies. Thank you to those who contributed items for the backpacks. I want to thank the Hope Center Support Committee, Sue Brooks, Martine Patrick and Joan Feury. Special thanks to UMW for packets contributed to the backpacks and to “The Healing Moon Threshold Choir” for providing music again this year. While Christmas is the time we often think of our homeless neighbors, it is important to remember that they are year-round residents of our community. My hope is that you will continue to support them with those items needed at the Center: toilet paper, soap, shampoo, paper towels, batteries and coffee. Fruit that can be carried in pockets is always welcome. Items can be dropped off at Hope Center or at the Church office. Peace

Mark Andersen

Hope Center Liaison

Editor’s Note: This is an article that was submitted a month ago and should have been printed in the January issue of the GV. My apologies to Mark and the team who so lovingly gave their time and resources to this event.

Coming Soon: Member Directory. The Catch Team is working on an updated member directory to be distributed in April. To allow us to double check our records, please tell us your most recent contact information: address, phone and email for inclusion in the directory. Either write it down on our worship attendance forms or send an email to: Jean Hasser, titled: “Member”. You can also write a note to Jean at 352 Skylark Way, Napa, CA 94558. If you DO NOT want to be listed in a member directory, please let us know that as well. Thank you!



For the months of February and March, you will continue to receive a hard copy of your Grapevine (GV). If we have your email address, you will also receive an electronic copy. Many of you prefer to read from your Tablet, your iPad, your Kindle. Some of us still prefer a piece of paper in our hands. A number of us are looking to reduce our environmental footprint. And some of us want to reduce the workload

of our volunteers. Regardless of your motivation, you will receive the Grapevine in the manner you prefer! During this period, please contact Jan Geren, 226-3448 or email and tell her how you wish to receive future GVs:

1) hard copy, 2) electronic copy or 3) both! At the end of this period and we have not heard from you, we will send all future GVs electronically. You may ALWAYS change your preference! One of the drawbacks of an electronic GV delivery, is that we will no longer receive a personalized Pledge Envelope. In the last mailing of each month’s GV, we are accustomed to receiving our Pledge Envelopes. Effective immediately, the GV Distribution Team will no longer include personalized Pledge Envelopes in the GV. (That reduces the work effort of our GV Distribution Team by 25%).

As Paul Simon often told me,

There must be, 50 Ways to Leave Your Money”

Our Church membership uses all these methods to make their Pledges and their Contributions. Please select the one that works best for you. And, include your Pledge Number on your check. Including your Pledge Number is ALWAYS appreciated by the Money Counting Team!

The Grapevine is an important communication tool at Napa First UMC. We want everyone to receive it in a form that works for them. Making greater use of the computer tools that are available, we can better shape our world to our liking and reduce the level of Volunteer Work.

Please share your thoughts with me. There is always room for improvement!

Mark Eckhout, Finance Committee. Call me at 255-6076, call or text at 287-6569 or email me at Thank you for reading!



It has been our practice to assemble a brief account of the activities of the Napa church at the close of each year near the time of the annual church conference.  The following narrative covers the entire calendar year 2014.  The source of material for this account is the Grapevine, the bi-monthly newsletter of the Napa church.  Many things happen that are not reported in the Grapevine, but what follows will give a feeling for what has transpired during this our 162nd year of ministry.

January 2014    Builders and the New Addition started the year with an announcement of  first-quarter meeting dates.  The Builders first speaker of the new year to be Cheryl Harris of the Audubon Society.  Friday Night Flicks:  “Oh, God,” with George Burns.  The Readiness 360 discernment process begins with an opening retreat in January.  Women’s retreat to be led by the Rev Holly Hillman.  We received a letter from Bishop Talbert thanking the congregation for their support of his call for Biblical Obedience with regard to same-sex marriage.  The Sierra Service Project Team announced their fund-raising schedule for the year.

February 2014   The congregation signed on to a Declaration of Inclusion which stated our support for inclusion of persons of all sexual orientations and especially a declaration that our local church property can be used for same-sex marriages and holy unions.  An article recognizes Mary Herzog for the work she does as Napa FUMC Historian and Archivist.  Eva Joell reports that the Napa FUMC Table Team supported the feeding program by preparing and serving 2075 meals last year.  The Napa Circles Initiative hosts a poverty simulation exercise.  A word of thanks for Napa FUMC members and friends who helped with the HOPE Center Christmas party.  Holly Zaccone will again co-ordinate the production of a Lenten Devotions Guide.  The Chix with Stix knitting group is busy creating prayer shawls.  We welcome four new members.

March 2014      Small groups are formed to follow together the Lenten Daily Devotional Guide material.   Student Ministries reports that junior and senior high groups are meeting separately and that the Youth Room has been redecorated.  United Methodist Women have a full schedule of Circle meetings for the month.  Money is being collected by the UMW to stock UMCOR Flood Buckets.  Fun With Music meets twice a month in the Asbury Room.  The Lenten Calendar of Events is published including weekly worship services, both traditional and Fusion, and special events for Palm Sunday (Cathedral Choir Concert), Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunrise.  Napa Creek Manor and the Napa FUMC board members are recognized for another year of important work.  Napa Creek Manor celebrates its thirty-year anniversary.  The Catch Team keeps finding ways to attract, welcome, and incorporate new members.  

April 2014    First Fridays for Families announces its inaugural meeting.  The Congregational Care Team asks for volunteers to help in contacting and calling on home-bound members.  The 3rd, 4th, and 5th-graders will receive Bibles in April.  Four services on Easter Sunday -- sunrise at Tulocay at 6:30 AM, traditional sanctuary service at 9:30 AM, and a second traditional service and a Fusion contemporary service at 11:00 AM.  A company of Methodists attend and discuss the film, “Noah” -- led by seminary student Burke Owens and Pastor Lee Neish.  Children’s Easter Activity day the Saturday before Easter.  The UMW Thrift Shop made a direct donation to support the work of the Table feeding program.  

May 2014     Small groups follow the Catch Fire in Fifty Days material.  Defrocked United Methodist pastor Frank Schaefer is in northern California for ten days, speaking at Napa FUMC and other locations.  Weekly spiritual connection opportunities include silent meditation Monday afternoon and labyrinth walk on Friday.  May Friendship Day at St Mary’s Episcopal Church is announced.  Men’s pancake breakfast every 4th Saturday.  Eight new members are welcomed.  Twelve Builders New Addition workers turned out to clean up the Kagawa Room and kitchen.

June 2014    Our lay and clergy team returned from Annual Conference Session in Sacramento where Pastor Lee Neish was reappointed to Napa FUMC. Our Sierra Service Project Team, led by Director of Student Ministries, Marissa Conway and counselor, Mike Robak, spent a week in Los Angeles doing volunteer work on housing and community centers.  Our youth volunteers:  Emily Owens, Haley Olson, and Carson Lewis.  Celebration of the refurbishment of our Garden Chapel.

July 2014   Fundraiser at Muir-Hanna Vineyards to grow new ministries for our children, youth, and community.  Six new members welcomed.  We offer a full week of Vacation Bible School.  This year’s theme:  Weird Animals.  Recognition of our high school and college graduates.  The UMW Thrift Shop is in ministry to our neighborhood.  UWM sewers came together to produce cotton dresses and shorts for children in Africa, Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua.  

August 2014   Fun & Fellowship Pancake Breakfast.    GRAPE Express announces that in September Sunday School will begin at 9:30 AM to provide more time for this important ministry.   The “Speaking of God . . .” study guide editors invited congregational participation in writing personal responses to what the selected words meant to them. 

The All Church Picnic at Kennedy Park was scheduled to take place on Sunday afternoon the 24th of August.  Early that Sunday morning, a 6.0 earthquake struck the Napa area.  Our historic sanctuary building was severely damaged and rendered unsafe for occupation -- “red tagged.”  On Monday morning, Pastor Marvin Wray of the Napa Community Seventh-day Adventist Church, called to offer to share their facilities for as long as we needed -- no strings -- no charge.  We accepted the generous offer and worshiped at Brown and G Streets the next Sunday.   Worship attendance on the 31st  August was 184 shaken and grateful Methodists.

September 2014   No Grapevine

October 2014   Earthquake damage was assessed and ministries continued -- worship and GRAPE Express on Sunday and choir practice on Wednesday at Brown and G Streets.  Classes and small groups met either in the undamaged Bonner Building or in the homes of congregation members.   Five new members were recognized and another Exploring Membership dinner was announced.  UMW women participated in writing letters to women in prison.  The Napa Circles Initiative program to end poverty prepared to launch in November.  Our Boy Scout Troop 2 announces that they will again be selling Christmas wreaths.  Grief support group begins.   

November 2014   In a show of support and respect, many from the Napa FUMC congregation attended the All Saints celebration on the Saturday Sabbath worship at Community S-dA Church.    The St Helena United Methodist Church held a concert and tea to benefit our earthquake rebuilding expenses.    Napa FUMC choir participated with other choirs at the community Thanksgiving service at St John the Baptist Church.  Circles fundraising effort exceeded the $5000 mark to qualify for a matching grant.  Mary Herzog is functioning as the “bookmobile,” making UMW Reading Program books available to the circles.   Seminary student Burke Owens and Facilities Manager Dianne Mahler led an evening of discernment regarding the ‘state of the souls” of the congregation in the aftermath of the earthquake dislocation. The church participates in the City of Napa Holiday parade. The Vineyard Circuit Charge Conference was held at Vallejo First UMC.      

December 2014   The advent sermon series is coupled with the film, The Nativity.   Clips from the film are shown to illustrate the sermons. A soup supper and showing of the entire film was scheduled to take place in the Kagawa and Asbury Rooms.   The annual financial stewardship campaign is bearing fruit.   The children present a Christmas pageant, I’m Sooo Busy.  Pizza party follows.  The FUMC choir and musicians from Community S-dA Church combine in three performances of It’s a Glorious Night.  Longest Night service on Solstice evening.  Three Christmas Eve services, Children & Family, Contemporary with Fusion, and traditional candlelight with the Cathedral Choir.  Five Napa FUMC congregants attend the Jesus Seminar on the Road.  UMW collects money to help support the Teacher Resource Center of the North Bay.  Curtis Tinloy joins the FUMC staff as Director of Student Ministries. Gloves and socks and warm fuzzy things are solicited for the HOPE Center clients’ Christmas party.  The next round of supper club sign-ups is under way.  

And, there you are . . . another year, and not like any other year.  Repair of our damaged building is under way.  Funds from the Cal-Nevada Annual Conference emergency fund have been made available to underwrite about 80% of the basic renewal and seismic retrofit work.  Additional funds will also be required for important upgrades and improvements to our facilities.  The source of these additional funds is, for now, largely unknown.

We are battered but unbowed.  Thanks to our brothers and sisters at Community Seventh-day Adventist Church we are not homeless, as we could well be.  We continue to be in ministry with plans for a strong and effective future.  We are proud of the work begun in the Circles Initiative and look forward to an even bigger Vacation Church School experience in 2015.  The new youth ministry leadership makes us hopeful.

We will most likely not be back in our historic sanctuary building until the fourth quarter of 2015, and there are still many unknowns in the rebuilding process.  This year ahead, before I sit down to write the review of 2015, will not be one of intermission, but one to plan and build and execute so that we do indeed hit the ground running when the doors at 5th and Randolph open once again.

Jesus looked at them intently and said, "Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible."  (Matthew 19:26 NLT)

And the people said, Amen!

Compiled by Michael Herzog

15 January 2015

Calling All Methodists!

The Bridges District is having a Revival!

For such a time as this!

Saturday, February 7th

9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Fairfield Community United Methodist Church

Preachers: Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr.

Rev. Staci Current

Your $10 fee includes refreshments and lunch

Deadline for reservations is Feb. 1st

The agenda is only Holy Spirit worship and opening our hearts to God’s love

Please plan to attend

Youth Group News

There is a time change for Sunday, Feb. 1st

Come at 11:00 am to the Youth Room in our FUMC Bonner Bldg.

Bring your friends and your cameras!

Stay tuned for a date and time to plan our

2015 Sierra Service Project trip

Hope to see all of you soon!

Curtis Tinloy

United Methodist Women News

Our UMW Mini-Thrift Shop is opening back up again on February 3rd from 9-2:30 pm. We need your donations or just come down to shop for those great bargains and quality second-hand items. We want you to shop with us because the proceeds go to support women and children in Napa and the world. Bring a friend with you too and your cloth shopping bag! 

Our next United Methodist Women's Unit meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb 19th at 10am in the Kagawa Room. Sally Hunter and her team will provide the program and it is about how our church can be more sensitive to supporting folks with disabilities. All church women are invited to learn and explore this topic and please join us for lunch after the program. Our meal is homemade, nutritious and delicious and our company is good too. We will be writing cheerful note cards to the people who receive Meals on Wheels as our mission project. Hope to see you there. 

February UMW meeting dates

All are welcome!

12th - Newton/Ridell Circle 10 a.m. - Conference Room

12th - Lillian Wallace Circle 1:30 p.m. – member’s home

15th - Sarah Crosby Circle 8:30 a.m. – S-dA church

19th - Unit Meeting 10 a.m. Kagawa Room

Program: "Welcoming People of All Abilities"

11 a.m. Mission Project 11:30 a.m. Lunch

Coordinator: Sally Hunter

Host: Lillian Wallace Circle

G.R.A.P.E. Express News

Our first trip for the new year is a six week study of John Wesley. During the six weeks we will learn about his life and how important he is to our Methodist faith. We already learned he was from Epworth England, was born in 1703 and his mom, Susanna, taught all his brothers and sisters at home. Most important, we learned that prayer is a way to talk to God. Last Sunday we talked about Grace, one of the most important words in Methodism and the kids made a beautiful paper quilt. You can see a color version on our website at

Things to look forward to:

If you would like to join our travel group, have questions or would like more information, my email is My phone number is 226-8301.

Blessings to all,

Vicki Poli

Builders News

Do we have a sweetheart of a deal for all you Builders and folks who want to get in on the action. We are going to be celebrating Valentines Day together on Saturday February 14, in the Kagawa room, from 12-2 for a potluck lunch or you may bring $5.00 to donate. Be prepared to join me in singing, “Let me call you Sweetheart”.

The Program will be led by our own Jessica Rugierro who grew up in our church and became one of our amazing adults. As part of her Masters Program Jessica went to live and work in Botswana for two years with the Peace Corp. She will present a slide show of her adventures there. You won’t want to miss the fun we have getting together as Builders of faith and fellowship. As long as you have your calendar handy, add March 14th for the following Builders meeting!

Kay Neal

224-8491 or 479-8576

Our Purpose Statement is to be outwardly focused to bring people into relationship with Jesus to display God’s Kingdom on earth through acts of love, peace and justice.

Sunday Traditional Worship Service: 9:30 am

Seventh-day Adventist Church

Fusion Contemporary Worship Experience: 11:00 am

Seventh-day Adventist Chapel

Corner of Brown and G Streets, Napa

Monday Silent Meditation Group—5:30 pm—FUMC Nursery

Friday Labyrinth Meditation Walk—Noon - FUMC

Adult Bible Study Group—10:45 am—Young Adult Room, S-d A Church

GRAPE Express—3 years through 5th grade—9:30-S-d A Church

Youth Group meets on Sundays in our Bonner Building

Visit us on Facebook—Napa First United Methodist Church—707-253-1411—email—

Pastor: Rev. Lee Neish

Lay Leaders: Barbara Thompson & Mark Andersen

Lay Speaker: Michael Herzog

Office Manager: Dianne Mahler

Director of Music: Jan Lanterman

Organist: Harold Julander

Director of Cathedral Choir: Jan Lanterman

Director of Bonner Bells: Diane Levorsen

First United Methodist Church
625 Randolph St.~ Napa 94559~ (707)253-1411

Since the earthquake we worship at the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Brown and G Sts.

Please worship with us there each Sunday morning.


You are welcome to visit us on Facebook: Napa First United Methodist Church