Holy Spirit

Brooke Eikenberry Speaking of God - Volume Two

  1. D. Greear, in his book Jesus Continued . . .: Why the Spirit Inside You Is Better Than Jesus Beside You, indicates that there are six ways to experience the Holy Spirit. Jesus made his disciples an astonishing promise about the Holy Spirit when he told them it was for them that he would return to heaven if it meant that they would receive the Spirit (John 16:7). Greear’s  premise is that we as Christians are far from understanding what Jesus was offering us.

In light of his extensive study of the scriptures, Greear’s six ways we experience the Holy Spirit are “in the gospel, through the Word of God, through the community of the church, in our various spiritual giftings, in our spirit by communion with him in prayer, and through his sovereign control over our circumstances.”

I believe all of these experiences (and possibly more) are valid ways we experience the Spirit in our lives. Though I have not experienced the Holy Spirit in all these ways, I am making the effort to stay open to the possibility of experiencing the Spirit in ways new to me and at the same time making the effort not to enclose the Spirit in a box of my own making, nor to make up experiences to attribute to the Spirit. I hope to practice Greear’s methods and see where they take me.
Jan Lanterman

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