Holy Spirit – August 16th

Brooke Eikenberry Speaking of God - Volume Two

The Holy Spirit has been felt by me many times. In the summer of 1996, I had just returned from a trip to Australia with my family. My oldest brother, Bob, had been feeling poorly and hadn’t participated in our whole family reunion except by telephone. It became known that he had stomach cancer and his nurse wife, Corie and he, realizing that this illness wasn’t responding to the doctor’s treatments, were grappling with what was next. He was so young, just 55 years old, there must be things we can test and try.

Bob had been a chemical engineer, a Methodist, a good husband and father to two adult children. Several years earlier, he had taken a Volunteers in Mission (VIM) Trip to Puerto Rico and his faith grew so much with the experience. His team became close.

I felt called to go to them and help in any way I could. While in the hospital he endured a lot. Corie and I knew he was close to the end and it seemed he was hanging on for some reason. His VIM teammates had been out of the country and were due back soon. During his second-to-last day, his room was filled with his VIM friends, his wife, and me. Bob called us to prayer around his bed and he led his own memorial service. We sang hymns and praised God for all His blessings. Truly the Holy Spirit was in that place. Bob died peacefully, a day later.


Joan Feury

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