Holy Spirit – August 16th

Brooke Eikenberry Speaking of God - Volume Two

“Led by the Spirit”; “He is in good spirits”; “Wine and Spirits served here”; “spirit leaders” (aka cheerleaders).

The word “spirit” is tossed around and used frequently, yet it is used in many different contexts. In different cultures, spirits range from powerful Gods or Idols to controlling symbolisms such as fire, water, volcanoes, or other powers of nature.

So, what about the Holy Spirit? That’s a pretty big thing considering it is one third of The Trinity. Think about how much we pray to, learn, worship, and preach about the Father (God) and the son (Jesus). But what about the Holy Spirit? I could do a whole lot of research and history and give you quotes and substantial information about The Trinity and the Holy Spirit. But I know that you as a reader of this devotion can do that yourself or ask Pastor Lee Neish about it, or you may already have your own answers or feelings about the Holy Spirit.

But for me personally, the Holy Spirit is what creates the bond between me, Jesus, and God. The Holy Spirit is my guardian angel(s). It is my messenger between God and Jesus and my prayers. It is the voice in my head that leads me into a personal relationship with God and in turn delivers his guidance to me. The Holy Spirit moves in me through service and good deeds. The Holy Spirit resides in my soul in a place of reverence and quietness. It is the recognition that I am blessed. It is a patient presence always waiting for me when my busyness of life gets in the way. The Holy Spirit is my connection to God. This is how I experience the Holy Spirit in my life.


Holly Zaccone

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