Home for Thanksgiving

Brooke Eikenberry Pastor's Corner

The first time I lived away from home was my freshman year as a student at Georgia Tech. Having moved to Atlanta in mid-September, I began to look forward to my return home, if only for a few days, by mid-October. As the time approached, my excitement ran high at the prospect of returning to the home where I grew up. I wouldn’t say I was homesick, as some students were, but I greatly anticipated a semblance of normalcy I’d been missing given the newness of dorm life.

I find myself feeling a bit the same way today as I look forward to getting through the next six weeks to Sunday, November 22nd. That’s the first time we’ll be worshiping in our own sanctuary since the earthquake of August 24th over a year ago. And while returning to our church home requires much work yet to be done, it also requires some prayer and reflection as I realize that, while much will be as I remember it, some things will have changed. Some good friends: Louise Cade, Helen McAllister, Jon Lander, Lela Westfall, Patti Renfrow, Bill Bishop, Martha Ricci, Anna Fields, Margaret Hoffman, Don Fellers and Bill Crane will not be returning with us. They’ll not be occupying the pews where I’ve been used to seeing them. Other new faces who have joined us since our move to Brown and G Streets will be finding their places in our home as we welcome them for perhaps what will be their first time in our sanctuary.

How are you preparing for your return to 625 Randolph Street? I suspect there’ll be a full range of emotions that day and days to come. So I’d like to invite you to a sneak peek potluck in our renovated Fellowship Hall on Sunday evening, October 11th, from 5:00 to 7:00. It will be a good place and time to reconnect with others, as well as with ourselves, as we prepare to return home for Thanksgiving.

                                                                                                            – Pastor Lee Neish

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