Lent 2020: Day 10

Juliane Poirier Lent 2020

Friday, March 6

“Come Up” –  Mark 1: 9-15

 When have you felt beloved of God?

In my work as a therapist I am honored to sit with people in their pain, joy, grief and ultimately their growth.  One of the issues that comes up for so many is the longing and desire for true love and acceptance from their parents.  As humans we are of course flawed even when we try our best.  This often affects us in relationships such as parenting even when we truly love our children.  Parenting is not easy as many of you know!

This passage reminds us that God is our ultimate parent and loves us beyond our understanding.  Just as God spoke to Jesus saying, “You are my Son, my Beloved, with you I am well pleased,”  I believe that God also sees us and says, “You are my daughter, my son, my child, my Beloved, with you I am well pleased,” even in the messiness of our lives.  May we remember and know deep in our souls that we are God’s Beloved and treat others similarly.  

Prayer:  God help me to remember that you love me unconditionally even when I don’t feel that love for myself.  Thank you for your love.  Amen.

Susan Tsujihara

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