Lent 2020: Day 16

Juliane Poirier Lent 2020

Thursday, March 12  “Take Up” –  Mark 8: 31-38

How are we to take up the causes of Jesus – justice, righteousness and mercy in our day?

I can show gestures of kindness, concern, and compassion to others.

I can listen to my heart, to affect changes in how I feel about others and have the courage to speak up for injustices big and small.  

I can practice being a follower of Jesus by showing love and mercy where ever I can. 

This line in a hymn comes to mind “they will know we Christians by our love, by our love, they will know we are Christians by our love.”

Prayer:  Help me, God, be an instrument of your righteousness.  Help me be tolerant and forgiving of others and myself.  Help me show love in my actions and my deeds.  Help me be brave enough to speak up and show just who I am and what I believe. This I pray.   Amen


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