Lent 2020: Day 3

Juliane Poirier Lent 2020

“Store Up” –  Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

What are the good things that fill us and others with well-being of body, mind and spirit?

Never having been a materialistic person, I often wonder what the big deal about money is.  I’ve never had so much that I worried about losing it and I’ve never had so little that I worried about how I would eat my next meal.  Instead, I have lived my life with a feeling of having “enough” and that is a peaceful place to live.

What truly fills my life are the big things such as loving relationships with family and friends, my church family, working each day to be a better person, noticing opportunities to help someone even if it’s just an opportunity to be kind or give a smile, hearing that I am a beloved child of God, and living through it all with sheer gratitude about how truly blessed I am. 

These are my treasures, most likely not too different than yours. 

Prayer:  Loving and gracious God, take away the worries and fears that separate us from You.  May each of us go to sleep tonight knowing that we are loved.  May it make us more loving and kind toward others.  In Christ’s name we pray.   Amen.

Dianne Mahler

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