Lent 2017 Devotional DiscipleShift

Lent Devotional for Friday, March 24

Sally Archambault Community Corner, Lent 2017

How do you open to Jesus?

I try to look at the world through his eyes….and I try to act as I think he would:  namely, to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated.  Much of the time, I’m successful.  I make a practice of reviewing my day during the evening or at bedtime…..a way of reflecting on my actions and determining the way forward.  My spiritual journey as a “follower of Jesus” is looking for signs of hope, love, compassion, caring, forgiveness, gratitude, and grit.  Then I rejoice, because I can see them everywhere!

Prayer: God, thank you for your gift of Jesus, showing me how to live in this world. Give me the courage and strength to use my talents to share Your love in all that I do.

Ellen Patterson

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