Lent 2017 Devotional DiscipleShift

Lent Devotional for Friday, March 3rd

Sally Archambault Community Corner, Lent 2017

Where has God made a positive shift in you life?

I’ve seen the hand of God upon my entire life.  With confidence I can say that I did not choose to become the person I am today.  The person I am today did not happen through the planning, creation, and accomplishment of goals because I could not have imagined the person I am now.

When I was a child I wouldn’t have chosen to be the person I am now. I would have chosen someone richer, smarter, taller, and perhaps less bald. But now that I am who I am, I wouldn’t wish for something different, and I look forward to the changes God has for me, as I grow older.

Prayer: Thank you God for your guiding hand through my life, and may it bring your love to those around me.

Keith Calara

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