Lent 2017 Devotional DiscipleShift

Lent Devotional for Monday, March 13th

Sally Archambault Community Corner, Lent 2017

What does a life of worship mean to me?

Worship to me, means to be in a place of praise and thanksgiving.  When I greet friends with a smile and a hug, I am in a state of worship or when I’m volunteering helping others, I am experiencing worship.

Being in the present, taking in what is around me and seeing the beauty that surrounds us in the wonderful place where we live, is worshiping.  Singing the hymns in church or hearing Harold at the organ, participating in communion, watching children at play, enjoying the waves breaking on a beautiful beach, or having my husband take my hand when we’re out somewhere together–all of these put me in a state of worship.  Having my grandson introduce me to his friends saying “This is my Nana” fills me with gratitude and worship.

I have a game I play.  We have been very fortunate to have done a lot of traveling—going to many countries and seeing many beautiful breath-taking sites as well as meeting people of different nationalities.  When we are there and I see something that catches my eye, I mentally take a picture of what it is that I’m seeing.  I frame the scene or the moment just as though I had a camera, but the beauty of this is that I don’t need a camera.  I don’t need a photo on a piece of slick paper to remember the scene, because the snapshot is in my mind and I can bring it back at any time!  If I’m going to have an unpleasant medical procedure, I bring up one of my mental pictures and I’m back in that place viewing something that brought me joy.  And I am in a state of worship ignoring the present which may not be that wonderful in reality, but my reality is with the picture that I am viewing in my mind.  My mind is back in a state of worship, remembering the beauty of another moment for which I am thankful.

Prayer:  Dear God, Help me to remember that true worship is not confined to what we do in church or limited to one act.  True worship is the acknowledgement of God and all of His power and glory in everything we do.  Amen.

Kathy Martin

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