Lent 2017 Devotional DiscipleShift

Lent Devotional for Saturday, April 1

Sally Archambault Community Corner, Lent 2017

What does it mean to “obey Jesus” for you?

Simply, “obeying Jesus,” means following Jesus’ teachings. The problem is the teachings themselves aren’t necessarily easy, and thanks to a couple thousands of years of separation, trying to understand the teachings in the first place can present a challenge. That is why I thank God that as far as we can tell, Scripture demonstrates that our obedience is a response to God’s faithfulness to us.  We don’t obey hoping that God will bestow blessing upon us, but if we come to obey Jesus it’s because he has earned our trust.

As for how we know whether we understand the teachings of Jesus and are applying them correctly, we must rely upon the Holy Spirit and walk humbly knowing that we may need to be corrected. In a sense our obedience is partially a work of God.

Prayer:  May the Holy Spirit continue to work in our lives, helping us find, understand, and follow the will of God.

Keith Calara

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