Lent 2017 Devotional DiscipleShift

Lent Devotional for Thursday, March 23

Sally Archambault Community Corner, Lent 2017

How Do You Open To Jesus?

This is one of those questions that is different for everyone. And like myself I’m sure it depends on what is going on at each moment in a persons life as to how one is able to open themselves to Jesus.

For me I find myself opening to Jesus in times of high anxiety and stress more often than when things in life are running smoothly.  I’m constantly praying and talking with Jesus throughout all the ups and downs, but I find myself truly open when I need to really look at and evaluate what changes needed to be made to better my life.  I find myself more open to receiving and listening during times of turmoil.  I have moments where I just breath and can feel myself opening up. I’m not doing anything in particular when I have these moments, they just happen when it seems that I need them the most.

Prayer: I pray for the strength to have an open mind and open heart to your will, knowledge, and power. In Jesus name Amen.

Jataun Hieb

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