Lenten Devotion for Friday, February 26

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Treasure (Physical Health) Matthew 8: 1-4, 16-17

Beach Glass: blue, green, white, brown and sometimes orange, red, or violet! The first time Steve Introduced me to the dump site at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, I was in love and felt I had gone to Heaven. It was sea glass everywhere, so much that you could be fussy about what you picked up. The dump is fenced off these days but oh what a wonderful place in its day. It was a treasure like so many things in life….the ones that are free or found objects are the most valuable.

During this Pandemic there are so many things I have identified that I no longer take for granted; Sunday morning worship, a new bird on the bird feeder, or a sunset captured on Facebook. Words uttered by my grandchild are like beach glass, a treasure in time you want to remember. The other day, Parker said she was building an orphanage with her Playmobil, (she had just seen the movie Annie). She looked at me and asked, “why do there have to be mean people and why do people have to be sick”? I responded that there would certainly be more happiness without those elements.

In Matthew 8, it talks about casting out the demons. I like to imagine if Jesus came to walk the earth now he could cleanse Steve of P.D. Steve has had Parkinson’s Disease for 18 years. I often wonder how he accepts his fate with gentleness and calm. I am often stressed, angry, frustrated, loud and sad, about how PD inhabits and controls his body, our home, and our life. But when Steve’s wit, humor, and love make an appearance, I treasure these times like I treasure the memory of hunting for sea glass. How does Covid-19 fit into the equation? My appreciation has grown for those who are working in order to minister to us, and for all the little things.

Prayer: Dear God we thank you for friends and family, love and humor, and priceless treasures. We pray for all the people who have died during this pandemic, may they know that they are treasured and missed on this earth. Amen

Lorrie Weeks

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