Lenten Devotion for Saturday, February 20

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Shattered – Matthew 11: 28-30

When I first read the prompt and the Bible passage, I remembered a quote from Mary Crowley.

“Every evening I turn my worries over to God.
He’s going to be up all night anyway.”

George and I were going through a very rough time. His mom had died in 2013 and my parent’’s health had begun a rapid decline.  My father had dementia and my mother required more assistance.  They could no longer safely live at home. The time came to find a facility for both of them to reside.  I found the task overwhelming.

My sister took over and managed their care.  George and I pitched in as much as we could. With two small children and a husband who needed assistance as well it was a difficult time.  My sister and I became closer and worked together well.  We appreciated each other’s strengths and talents. The time had come for my parents to receive hospice care.  My mom didn’t want hospice until just before she died.  Convincing her otherwise took a little time but it was worth it.

My parents died within a week of each other.  We like to kid that my father waited until New Year’s Day so he could go to heaven when a party was going on. We still remain close to my brother and my sister, more so than in the past.

Prayer: Sweet is the work, my God, my King, to praise thy name, give thanks, and sing. Amen Fasola hymn

Lidia Bertalotto

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