Lenten Devotion for Thursday, February 25

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Treasure (Physical Health) Matthew 8: 1-4, 16-17

After a physical injury or trauma, I went through the four stages of grief. First, I denied that I experienced a stroke. Then I was angry that it happened to me. I bargained with God. Next, I looked at why, what was my part in it? Then I talked some more to God and She told me to listen to my doctor and follow Her instructions to prevent another.

My treasure is in my relationship with God. Through leaning on Her, asking her guidance, and talking to others who have had a stroke too, I found clinicians and written resources which helped me learn about physical causes and things that I could do to reverse, or at least improve my functioning.

I have to adjust and expect reasonable outcomes from my daily life. I put my keys in the same place on my purse, always. I do exercises for my body and my brain. I work on weak areas of my mouth and hands each day to maximize my abilities. I pray and meditate to increase my gratitude for another day. Through it all, God is with me. The beauty of Her creation fills my heart and soul with hope.

Prayer: Dear Beloved Presence, help me make choices that express Your will for my life. Thank you for the lessons that You teach me. Patience, doing less, and self care allow me to care for others when You put them in my path. Fill me with hope for this day. Amen

Joan Feury

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