Lenten Devotion for Tuesday, February 23

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Treasure (Physical Health) Matthew 8: 1-4, 16-17

Physical pain is an awful thing. I was recently asked if I could find a way to thank God for my pain and the quick answer was absolutely not. I am a strong believer that things in life happen for a reason and that’s what makes us who we are. Pain is part of who I am, I live with it everyday. I don’t blame God for my pain and I don’t feel I am being punished by it. The God I know doesn’t work like that. I have given Him my pain many times just to take it off my hands for a split second. The things God has given back to me when I ask for help are amazing tools, which I’ve learned to use on a regular basis.

God has handed me ways to manage my pain. I’ve learned meditation, Thai Chi, stretching techniques and pretty much how to live a different life. He allows me to see blessings in my life all around me. God is working with me in my Journey and helping me through my struggles, not handing them to me. I will continue to ask God for help and I will always remember I am not alone.

Prayer: Father in heaven, please help those who are suffering from pain. It comes in so many different ways, but it all hurts just the same. Remind us that our strength and endurance comes from our Love to and from You and the more we love the stronger we become. Amen

Jimbo Duncan

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