Lenten Devotion for Wednesday, February 24

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Treasure (Physical Health) Matthew 8: 1-4, 16-17

Due to the pandemic, I am more conscious of my physical health today than at any other time of my life. It is quite frightening to have this unseen enemy attacking us.  However, I have never lost faith that God is here guiding us through this very, difficult time.   After all, he designed us in his own image.  He made our bodies to be efficient instruments for our lives but then he gave us free will. I sometimes wonder if he did that as a joke. Humans have found many ways to disrupt the harmony and beauty of our physical beings.  Thankfully, God has provided ways for us to deal with our infirmities.

I remember as a know-it-all teenager challenging my Aunt Helen regarding one of her beliefs. I don’t remember my question, but I’ll never forget her answer.  She said that she believed that God would give us the knowledge we needed.   She was right.  God does give us the knowledge, whatever the need. The question becomes, do we listen to him?  My personal answer is occasionally.  However, in my heart I know that the healing is there for all of us when we do decide to listen.

Jesus shows us through his actions the way to heal.  We can do things like Michael reminds us each week: wash our hands, keep our distance and wear our masks.  We can get vaccinated and we can help others as we are able. We can take care of ourselves so we can be stronger.  Jesus is here with us now, guiding us to a healthier life.  We just need to follow. 
Prayer:  Thank you Lord, for providing us with the healing power and the helpers that we need to flourish in this life.  As Claudia leads us every week:  Healing God, hear our prayer. Amen

Sally Hunter

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