2018 Napa Methodist Church Lenten Devotional Blog

Lenten Devotional for Saturday, February 24

Sally Archambault Community Corner, Lent 2018

Matthew 5:13

This verse from Matthew always reminds me of the musical “Godspell”. This verse and some that follow are written into the lyrics of a song included in this musical and I can’t help but hum to myself…”You are the salt of the earth…” The Cathedral Choir has sung the music from “Godspell” on several occasions and I have had the pleasure to learn the music and sing it with the choir*. In addition, “Godspell” holds special memories for me because in my teens, I went to see it in San Francisco with my Mom and sisters.

How can we be the salt of the earth? Salt is a substance that gives flavor to food. But if salt loses its ability to flavor what we eat, it has little value. This is where Jesus makes his comparison. We have the ability to reflect the love of God in everything we do. If we act in this way, life is rich and “flavorful”. If we do not act as Jesus taught us to act, we demonstrate less than our full potential and are not representing our full “spice of life”.

Prayer:  Lord, we are grateful for the words of Jesus to remind us to be the salt of the earth and to provide spice to this amazing gift of life in him. We ask that you help and guide us to best use these amazing gifts. Amen.

* (Notice: What follows is a gratuitous “plug” for singing in the choir!

If you love to sing and worship while you do so; and if you enjoy good old fashioned comraderie and friendship, the choir is for you! Please come sing with us. It is really fun!)

Dave Whitmer

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