Love – August 23rd

Brooke Eikenberry Speaking of God - Volume Two

Love The Golden Rule, By Janet J. Anderson


Love your neighbor as yourself.

This is the path

The soul chooses,

To wake up believing we are loved.

And that nothing

Can separate us from our God.

That we have a choice after all,

To co-create peace and harmony.

Ours must be the senses of spirituality.

We must see, hear, taste, touch, breathe

The beauty manifest

In every life and culture.

And ours must be the challenge,

To be the message

Of love in this world.

Can we be enough

To negate violence and abuse?

To stand against injustice?

Make the difference

That will allow for God’s presence,

Exemplify joy for others to see

As they go.

Give themselves up to truth’s freedom?

We must shine without shame

As we delight in change,

Compassionate and forgiving,

Leading others to the kingdom

Of reconciliation,

Quietly cultivating healing,

Dipping our fingers in the pools of humankind,

As the great anointer did,

To touch a heart,

Refresh a spirit.                                     submitted by Sally Hunter

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