Love – August 23rd

Sally Archambault Speaking of God - Volume Two

– a word used so often that it can lose its meaning.  It has been written about by poets, philosophers, songwriters and romance novelists.  It is often difficult to define. There are many different meanings and types of relationships that embrace it.  Love of spouse or partner, sons and daughters, parents, siblings, other family members and friends.  Love of music, hiking, reading and chocolate.  What about love of God?  In the video montage in Lee’s sermon a few weeks ago, one man wrote that his intention is to love even when it’s hard. I think that is when we know it is really love.  It’s easy for almost everyone to love a smiling baby, a wriggling puppy, a beautiful sunset.  But what about a difficult family member or one with a mental illness? What about a homeless person who needs a shower?  A teenager with an attitude?  These situations can test us and often we don’t feel love.  I think of love as more of a verb than an adjective.  For me the act of loving includes tolerance, forgiveness, and even setting firm boundaries in the most loving way possible.  I’m definitely not an expert but I have been lucky enough to love and be loved in my lifetime.  As the Beatles sang, “All you need is love…”


Susan Dunaway-Tsujihara

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