Devotion for Tuesday, March 6

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2012

Tuesday, March 6

Exodus 20:12-17

 God means for us to live in peace with one another.  Somehow we just can’t seem to make it happen.  And it wasn’t happening back then either, when Moses led God’s chosen people out of exile.  So God gave them some guidance on how to get along.  The Exodus story doesn’t call them Commandments, but simply “words.”  Out of ten, four are about how to treat God, and six are about how the people are to treat one another.

What if we took a few moments each day to consider how we’ve responded to these six words.  For some, we barely need to think before answering “no.”  Others have nuances we may want to ponder as we consider how our day went.

  • How did I honor my father and my mother today?  A friend who grew up in Thailand celebrates her birthdays by honoring her mother and all her mother has done towards her life.
  • Did I have any part in committing murder?  For the Israelites, war and capital punishment were authorized forms of killing.  What does “murder” mean to me today?
  • Did I commit adultery?  It’s avoidable, and not worth the cost.
  • Did I steal anything?  Anything?
  • Did I create any untruth about another person?
  • Did I long to own something that belongs to someone else?


-Submitted by Kathryn Tolman

GPS Questions:

The last six of the Ten Commandments describe our relationship with other persons. By following those commands, how does God use the character of others to shape our own character? What is lost when we refuse to keep those commands?

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