Devotion for Saturday, March 17

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2012

Saturday, March 17

Ephesians 2: 8-10

GRACE.  What a concept!   What a blessing!   What a gift!
A few years ago I wrote that from a child’s eyes GRACE was kind of like discovering you were on Santa’s “good” list even though you knew you’d done things that should have disqualified you. From a concrete thinkers eyes it would have a formula looking like this:

Faith + Awareness of Christ Consciousness = GRACE.

From God’s eyes it showed that he found favor with each of us for just being ourselves.  From my eyes it’s a joyous mystery and I am filled with gratitude.

WE ARE HIS WORKMANSHIP:  “God doesn’t make garbage”
As we really explore the concept that we are created by God, I think it encourages us to accept, appreciate, and respect ourselves and to become aware of and develop our unique, special gifts.  It seems that in our next step in spiritual growth (when we realize ALL humanity is made by God) we begin to accept, appreciate, discover and honor other’s unique gifts, too.   The result of this level of thinking could possibly eliminate “the other” concept and develop into a “we are one” concept.

WE WERE CREATED FOR GOOD WORK:  Our purpose in life
If this is why He made us, then we need to figure out how to use our God given talents to be a “channel of blessings” for others.  Our big job seems to be to figure out how to use our special abilities to manifest “good work”.  It blows my mind that human interactions can be that powerful for others and oneself!   Is He showing us a guideline for how to live our lives that will produce a life filled with faith, joy, gratitude and happiness? Could this way of life really be a road map for Christianity in a nutshell?  Let’s think about it.

 -Submitted by Joanne Biggs-O’Callahan

GPS Question:

“For by grace you have been saved through faith…” not because you deserved it, but in order that you might complete the “good works” which God prepared for you. Good works are not the prerequisite of salvation but the result. What good works has God prepared for you to complete?

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