Devotion for Wednesday, March 28

Brooke Eikenberry Lent 2012

Wednesday, March 28

Psalm 118:19-25

“Righteousness is food and drink for the whole person.”[i]

I have a love/hate relationship with change. Change is exciting because it brings new adventures, possibilities, relationships, surroundings and activities. But change also means leaving the comfort of the familiar. It was hard to leave my life in San Jose to move to Napa. I left two amazing jobs: teaching children music at a private school and leading contemporary worship and music at LGUMC. Both Andrew and Jenna are in college now so activities I had with them have changed as well.

In Psalm 118, the psalmist asks the Lord (God) to open the gates of righteousness so s/he can give thanks, and then declares that it is the Lord’s (God’s) gate and those who are righteous enter through it. “In the Bible righteousness and righteous are positive words. They are associated with ‘doing what is right’.”[ii]

I give thanks to God that even when change is hard, I have faith and hope that with patience, prayer and relationships, doors (gates) do open to new possibilities. For me, being righteous or ‘doing the right thing’ is to stay positive and hope-filled. When a door closes, a window opens, and I’m sensing a breeze through the window!

24 This is the day the LORD acted; we will rejoice and celebrate in it!”[iii] [i] A Year with Jesus, Eugene Peterson

[ii] Speaking Christian, Marcus J. Borg

[iii] Psalm 118:24, Common English Bible

-Submitted by Jo Neish

GPS Questions:

What is your story of enduring personal rejection only to become the cornerstone in the final outcome? Did you understand this turn of events to be the Lord’s doing? How can every day be a day that the Lord has made being worthy of rejoicing?

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