March 12

Juliane Poirier Community Corner, Lent 2019

     In life we often ask God for help or to at least provide us with some sort of sign to let us know he is listening to our prayers.  However, what if God answers all of our prayers, yet we just keep missing them due to our inability to see what may be right in front of us?  I believe having our own “cave” allows us to turn off the chaos of the ever changing world around us and further opens our hearts and minds to our faith and spirituality.

     I personally feel very fortunate to have music as my cave. Often I write songs about the people I love and the world happening around me.  I am emotionally moved by these songs both during the process of writing them as well as long after they’ve been written.  The love and feelings I experience when playing these songs are attributed to my relationship with God as well as being my direct connection to God.  I’ve learned to see these “God moments” more often and more clearly once I realized I wasn’t really alone at the piano.  This relationship helped me to see that God was always there and what was missing was my ability to communicate.  Now, it’s as simple as playing my daughter’s song and suddenly reaching for my phone to tell her ‘I love you’.  Or it can be more difficult such as playing my mother’s song and asking for the strength and tools to deal with her passing.  When I walk away from the piano I always feel better than when I first sat down, even if I wasn’t feeling bad to begin with.  Experiencing these feelings made it very evident this was my cave, my quiet place and always my place to find God.

Prayer:   Dear Lord,  I know even when I don’t see you, you are right there beside me.  I know even when I don’t hear you, your voice is still speaking your love to me.  I know even when I don’t feel your hand touching mine you are still lifting me to my feet.  Thank you Lord for loving me and allowing me to see, hear and feel your love all around me.  Amen!

Jim Duncan

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