March 13

Juliane Poirier Lent 2019

Elijah found a cave where he was able to speak with God. My place to try to be reflective and get in touch with my deeper thoughts is to be outdoors away from people and noise.  If it is not possible to be physically outdoors, a view from a window overlooking a distant landscape will suffice. The important thing is not to

be doing something that requires a lot of concentration.

     I use to think that fishing on a remote stream or golfing on a beautiful course put me in touch with my inner thoughts, but the attention required in watching your line for a strike or lining up a putt prohibits any extraneous thoughts. Both of those activities can be personally very rewarding, but not very conducive to deep thinking.

Prayer:   “ Lord help me to remember to allow time in my life to be a passive observer of nature and allow the peacefulness necessary for reflective thought.”   Amen.

Gary Neal

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