March 14

Juliane Poirier Lent 2019

Not surprisingly, I find my silent space in listening to music. One might argue that if music is playing, it’s not silent; and technically, they’d be right. But when I thought about a “practice” that “helps me get quiet enough for long enough so I could hear past the chaos and into the depths of my life,” a significant variety of music titles flowed through my head–some of them hymns, some with lyrics, some without, some sung, some played on an instrument, some beautiful, some energizing (not that those couldn’t be the same….), some written by others, and though without a title, some unwritten in my head.

Even though I work in many elements of music, this particular activity of finding quietness in music, is not work for me. It is respite and pure joy! I need to remember to practice it more often!

Prayer:  Thank you, God, that you have given each of us our own unique way of listening to your still, calm voice.

Jan Lanterman

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