March 7

Juliane Poirier Community Corner, Lent 2019

      God rarely speaks as overtly as he does in this passage.  Here, he announces to Jesus that he is His son, the Beloved.

     If only we could hear this so clearly every day!  After fasting in the desert, Jesus returns and begins to preach God’s word to the people.  Again, it’s incredibly uncommon that His message can be heard so clearly.

     That’s not to say that God doesn’t speak to us.  Far from it. Every day, you can listen to Him speaking through the voices and lives of anyone who attempts an act of love or kindness.  It may be more hidden and implicit than God’s statement to Jesus, but if you listen deeply, it is there.

Prayer:  God, I wish to hear your words of love for me. Help me listen deeply, and find them in the countless people who speak them every day.  Amen.

David Tokar

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