Mini Thrift Shop FAQ

How Many people shop at the UMW Mini Thrift Shop every week on Tuesdays?
A: Usually about 50 or more people come into the shop every week.

Where is the shop located and what are the hours of operation?
A: The shop is located off our garden courtyard on Randolph Street and is open every Tuesday from February through November from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.

What is the economic station of those who shop?
A: Everyone shops here because the merchandise offered for sale is of good quality. The shop has many repeat customers. The homeless shelters give vouchers for their clients to shop with us.

What type of donations are successfully sold?
A: Clothes and household items that are in good condition. Perhaps you might think of donating items that you would give a friend or acquaintance. The shop does not take computers, microwaves, TVs, books, large furniture, tents, car seats, room rugs, crutches, commodes or strollers.

Who provides donations?
A: Members of the church give donations as does Jackie’s Consignment Shop. We are always looking for more new to slightly used items to sell.

What is the most popular item sold at the shop?

A: It varies, but probable clothing would be the answer.

Are there special sale days?
A: Yes! February is the fabulous jewelry sale and 3 weeks before each holiday, all things having to do with that holiday are displayed for sale.

What local organizations profit from the donations our Mini Thrift Shop receives but does not sell?
A: All items that are not sold within a reasonable period of time are donated to places like Goodwill. Vases are donated to a local florist. All baby items are given to the 7th Day Adventist Church on Brown St. where they make layettes for single mothers.

How many women currently work at the shop and who are these dedicated women?
A: About 16-18 women volunteer throughout the month. They are Martine Patrick, Jeannie Marco, Evelyn Metting-Van Rijn, Aloha Yargus, LaVonne Van Cleve, Joan Feury, Jan Geren, Phyllis Gittings, Eleanor Greig, Mary Hudler, Carlena Milligan, Pat Parker, Marjorie Pope, Jennifer Reid, Martha Ricci, Helen Slack,
Jean Thomas and Janeen Breyman.

Do you need to be a member of United Methodist Women to volunteer?
A: No, anyone possessing a youthful mind and spirit can volunteer.

Who do you call if you want to join in this rewarding volunteer effort?
A: LaVonne Van Cleve at 224-4867

Who is the head organizer of the Thrift Shop?
A: Martine Patrick and she has held this responsibility for 10 years!

How much money from net sales (income minus sales tax) does the shop earn?
A: For the past three years, an average of $16,043 per year, but this number is decreasing due to decreased donation of items to sell. (as of 2011)

How much money does the UMW Thrift Shop tithe to our church every year?
A: The Mini Thrift Shop tithes 20% of the net sales which has been an average of $3,209 a year for the past three years. (as of 2011)

Over the past 3 years, what religiously based organizations and local non-profit agencies have received support from our shop income and where are these organizations located?
A: Listed in order of amount given:

  • School of Missions—a UMW program
  • Clara Swain Hospital in India
  • Church Women United
  • COPE Family Center
  • Napa Valley Food Bank
  • NEWS—Napa Emergency Women’s Services
  • Sister Ann Dental Clinic
  • The TABLE
  • Bay View District Undesignated Account for Mission
  • UMCOR—United Methodist Committee on Relief
  • Napa UMC Faith Partners
  • Mary Elizabeth Inn for Women—San Francisco
  • Gum Moon Women’s Residence—San Francisco

How much of the money that is raised from Napa Methodist Church United Methodist Women member pledges and income from the Mini Thrift Shop is tithed to these religiously based charitable organizations?
A: Almost all (98%) of the money that is received is tithed to support women and youth.

Who is the only male, our “behind the scenes” person, who keeps us all working efficiently by doing all our heavy work, loading and unloading, delivering and picking up our donations all around town and so much more that we are so grateful for?
A: Ron Patrick, our hero!

Would we like you to donate items, come in and shop and volunteer for this wonderful project?
A: YES!!!