New Hearing Assistance System at Napa Methodist Church

Sally Archambault Community Corner

Among the many blessings of our rebuilt and renovated sanctuary is a new sound and hearing assistance system. I am very pleased to report that for the first time in years I am able to hear everything that is going on from the choir loft. I’m using a neck loop with the T-coil switch on my hearing aids; with it everything that is said into a microphone is transmitted directly to my aids where I can adjust the volume to meet my needs. If you are also having trouble hearing parts of the service with just the speaker system, ask an usher for a demonstration of the new assistance system. There are several options, you can use it with a T-coil switch or with earphones, with or without hearing aids. If you are not sure if you have a T-coil, or you would like to have one, talk to your hearing aid dealer. Many digital aids can be programmed with a T-coil at no additional cost. Try the earphones that are provided but not everyone finds them comfortable. Earphone connections are universal so bring in any earphones that you already have that work well for you and try them. Everyone should be able to hear everything and to fully participate in our services.

-Submitted by Mary Herzog

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