This is Napa Methodist Church’s request form for the promotion of all church events and church-sponsored events. This form is designed to ensure office staff has the necessary information to help promote church events accurately and effectively. An individualized promotion plan will be determined and created by office staff, and may include the following: rolling slides at worship services, inclusion in bulletins, weekly Pastor’s E-note, social media posts, and more. Photos and stock images may be used at our discretion; you may also supply images of your own.

Please note, the event and event space must already be approved before submitting this request form; to request an event space at the church, please call the church office at 707-253-1411.

Your request must be received no less than 30 days before your event. If possible, at least 45-60 days notice is preferable. The first round of promotional materials may not be available for up to 8 days after your request has been submitted; please keep that in mind when planning your events and making your promotions requests.

Grapevine article submissions are a separate process. To have your article included in the next Grapevine, submit the full article text to: no later than the Thursday before the last Wednesday of the month. Submissions received after that will be placed in the following month’s Grapevine, if the event date has not passed.

    Has your event and event location been approved and scheduled?

    Contact Person/Event Coordinator:

    • First Name:
    • Last Name:
    • Email:
    • Telephone:

    Event Name:

    Event Start Date:

    Event End Date:

    Is this a recurring event?

    When does your event reoccur?

    Event Start Time:

    Event End Time:

    Target Market/Intended Audience? (Examples include: Adults, Youth (please give specific ages if applicable), Women, Men, Everyone, etc.):

    Does Your Event Require Pre-Registration?

    • How do people register?
    • Date registration opens:
    • Date registration closes:
    • Is there a registration cost?
      • What is the cost?

    Description of event (Please give all information necessary to accurately promote your event):

    Is there any other information you would like us to know?

    Select an image to to be used in promotions (optional). Please note that in most cases, graphics or photos you have found or purchased may NOT be used due to copyright restrictions. Photos or images you have taken or created yourself are generally fine, as long as the persons in the photo are not on our publicity restriction list. If there is any question, we may contact you to get full details about how or where your photos or images were acquired before approving them for use: