Redemption – August 9th

Sally Archambault Speaking of God - Volume Two

For some reason, S&H Green Stamps and their redemption centers was the first thing that came to mind for me when I thought about the word, “Redemption”. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it! I remember my mother saving up all of the green stamps in those little stamp books, and when she had enough, we’d go to the redemption center to pick out the item(s) for which we had enough stamps.

I’m thankful that God doesn’t require me to save up stamps and then show up at a redemption center to see how much I’m worth in order to be redeemed. I believe Jesus took care of that for me. Because I made the decision to follow Him, I am redeemed. I’m freed, rescued, from who I used to be or who I might be without Him. And I believe that the more I follow the ways of Jesus, the more I become who God would want me to be in this world.

One of my favorite Christian praise and worship songs says it so beautifully in the lyric below. (Warning: put on a mercy/inclusive filter, for the lyric refers to God as ‘Father’! The message is beautiful and it’s how I feel about being redeemed.)



Whiter than snow, You have made me

Holy in the Father’s eyes

You see in me the child You died for

You see in me the one You love


I’ve been redeemed

Bought with a price and ransomed from my sin

You rescued me

Bought with Your blood and held in Your holy hands

I’ve been redeemed


CCLI Song # 426346 John Barnett

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JoAnne (Jo) Neish

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