Reflection: June 18 2020

Juliane Poirier Pastor's Corner

There’s a post-it in my study that says, “The body keeps the score.” My friend Janet wrote that down because I’d thought it sounded cool. But those words have made their home with me these last three weeks as I’ve been recovering from surgery. No amount of frustration or shaming or motivational self-talk has inspired my body to do anything other than the slow work of healing.

It seems that the whole world is doing the slow work of healing. COVID 19 continues to threaten our wellbeing, and in the slow work of healing we’re physical-distancing, wearing masks, and religiously washing our hands. Black and brown people are raging against all forms of racism, and in the slow work of healing our nation, we must listen to their voices, educate ourselves about privileges we don’t even realize we have, and act in ways that allow all people the worth and dignity and abundant life Jesus spoke of. 

The body keeps the score.  It isn’t just the individual body that tallies actions that are healthy or harmful, it’s also the corporate body – humanity – that stores up how we live, and how we live together. Loving God with everything we are, and generously and compassionately loving “the other” (you know, someone who really doesn’t deserve our love,) and loving ourselves with tenderness and mercy, is the slow work of the Holy Spirit in us. 

There doesn’t seem to be CliffsNotes for the slow work of healing. I’ve decided that it’s trusting in the unseen work of God, accepting help, taking one step at a time, and doing the next right thing.  I wonder what slow work of healing is happening in you, and how we might pray for each other, and how we might watch over each other in love. 

You know where I live (which means you can call, email, or stand on my front porch) if you’d like to talk with me about the slow work of healing. Or anything else.

In faith, Marylee 


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