Speaking of God, FAITH, Week 2 Day 3

Brooke Eikenberry Speaking of God

FAITH          John 20:24-29

I think it’s important to draw a distinction between belief and faith.  This is my definition.  I don’t think you’ll find it in any dictionary – and I don’t think it’s biblical  – but I don’t think I’m wildly off base either.  Belief tends to be  ready-made, pre-scribed, like a creed.  Faith, on the other hand, is built piece by piece.  Faith is homemade – assembled out of prayer and experience – out of contact made in Holy moments with God.

Belief is the basis of religion.  Faith is the basis of our relationship with God.  Belief can carry with it an element of fear – especially as presented in a religious context.  Believe the right way or suffer the consequences.  Faith is fearless.

There is a quote from R. Buckminster Fuller that I think makes the distinction very well: “Faith is much better than belief,” Bucky says.  “Belief is when someone else does the thinking.”  That’s a glib answer to a serious question, but I like it — and it is full of truth.

Belief — by my definition — requires proof.  Thomas demanded proof and he got it.  Faith, on the other hand, requires no proof.  Faith requires trust.  Faith isn’t believing without proof.  Faith is trusting without reservation. Faith is fearless.

Michael S Herzog

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