Speaking of God, GRACE, Week 1 Day 3

Sally Archambault Speaking of God

I believe grace is the hand of God, opening our hearts in wonder towards wholeness, and gratitude. Like God, grace is mysterious, appearing without warning, filling us, as Wesley said, with a “strange warming.” For grace abides always, though often we are unaware of its presence.

Grace sees and observes our comings and our goings, leaving us to our ordinary identity until the time is right.  Then it awakens us to the extraordinary gift we have been given, of God’s loving presence that is ever with us, at the heart of our ordinary existence.

Last week Napa was blessed with one of those perfect August days when the temperature, the clear sky, the breeze and the season all joined together in one joyous chord, celebrating the pure joy of summer. Everything that day was richly alive and vibrant while at its center a perfect stillness filled the world. As the deep blue afternoon gently turned to a golden dusk, the day-to-day business of life continued its merry way: birds chirping, cars speeding by. Yet that evening a wondrous brilliance reigned, bringing to each moment a special poignancy. The grace, which had been there all along, could not help but strike one silly as it was no longer just another day. Instead, it was undeniably a perfect evening of deep and abiding beauty, as all creation glowed with the light-filled grace of God.


Burke Owens

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